My Story

In China keeping quality control.

401 E. Fireweed Lane STE 201 Anchorage AK 99503

With having a mechanical mind the new phone industry was a breeze.  I had this in the bag,  I LOVE IT!  I make people smile. How much better can it get?   I was ask to team up with Zagg in 5th Ave Mall and Dimond Mall in 2010, I ran the business for them for a while then had the opportunity to open my very own kiosk by taking over a competitor on the first floor.  August of 2012 was a very hard decision for me.  Do I want to commit to 7 days a week to a mall? It was a very hard thing to do but once again everything in my life was pushing me towards it.  So I did.  First three months I worked worked everyday with "one" day off till my old customer Daniel walked up looking for a job.  He's a good kid that reminded me of myself so I hired him on the spot.   Another good decision.  I could finally take a break.  After the first six months I saw my little 10x10 kiosk empire growing and busting at the seams.  Between Apple, AT&T, GCI, and ACS with numerous other businesses and customers refering people to us I was forced once again to grow and make the next step.  July 2013  I made a decision to open my first inline store.  This is another new beginning taking place... I love people and love creating smiles.  I want to help as many people as I can by creating a new bond between the phone and the person behind it.  Phones aren't phones anymore, their an emotion.  By creating a colorful phone in each persons life puts a bond between the two.  Till the next step....

Matt W.


In 2007, I got hooked in with Apple phones when the "2G" came out.  I was sitting in San Francisco Union Square and just had to have the new phone.  Well everyone knows that you cant just buy a phone and not really have a case of some sort.  Thats the moment it hit me.  I hate buying something and seeing my money fly out of my pocket.  So I came up with a brilliant idea of getting on Ebay and buying five cases for my phone and selling four to pay for mine, the fifth one.  Well it worked and worked really fast.  I was shocked.  The Alaskan consumer was now apart of me.  I started buying more and more and low and behold it was flying out the door faster than what I could buy it.  People started asking about custom stuff that no one else had yet.  So I started becoming a zombie on the world wide web.  I was finding cool cases that no one esle had and between my customers and I we were all very happy.  I played with cases and stuff till 2009 when the iPhone 3gs launched.  People were begging me to start doing repairs and custom chassis and backs to their phones.  NO WAY.  I just wanted to do accessories.  I am a certified aircraft mechanic and even own an offroad shop in Anchorage Alaska.  I was completely done with mechanics.  Burned out.  After the push from the consumer and friends was so hot and my constant refusal, my friends sitting at my desk decided to try the new custom conversion back for the iPhone 3gs themselves. Well hours later they gave up, thats when they gave me the "look". Come on Matt you can do it, we know you can.  Ugh, Ok fine let me see it.  That day was  years ago now, the start of "Cracked Wireless".  It stuck, gotta love my friends.  Mike and Habib, they are the ones to thank for this new found venture.  After that the offroad shop was becoming consumed with phones.  The new phone industry started paying all the bills and in December of 2010 my friend saw all my stress of controling both business so they intervened and help shut down the offroad shop.  That day was thanks to my friend Ryan.  He pushed till I gave in.  Im a hard worker and love to help people.  After closing the doors to Northern 4X4 Xtreme Inc. my world turned towards the better.  My life was less stressful and I found something that I actually turned to love.